picture, Brown vase, vases, 1930-1940, Vintage, retro,  46 / Fugle, HJORTH46FUGLE01, L. Hjorth, Ceramic / Faience, product, english, uk, Retrokeramik
Brown vase from 1930-1940's.(46 / Birds) L. Hjorth.

Handpainted gray brown vase with birds.

kr 399,00
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picture, Vase, vases, 1967, Vintage, retro, 427-3114, Kari Christensen, KCTENERA427311401, , Aluminia, Ceramic / Faience, product, english, uk, Retrokeramik
Aluminia vase from 1967. (427-3114) Kari Christensen.

Vase with blue flowers. Part of the TENERA line.

kr 1.095,00
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picture, Large dish, dishes, 1964, Vintage, retro, 144-2885, Kari Christensen, KCTENERA144288501, , Aluminia, Ceramic / Fajance, product, english, uk, Retrokeramik
Large Aluminia Tenera dish from 1964. (144-2885) Kari Christensen. Aluminia.

Beautiful large dish with birds and flowers. Par of the TENERA line.

kr 1.099,00
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picture, punch bowl with mugs, punch bowls, 1960, Vintage, retro, 0782009, West Germany/ W. Germany, PUNCHBOWL00002, 11,02 inches / 28 cm., Scheurich, Ceramic, stoneware, product, english, uk, Retrokeramik
punch bowl with mugs from 1960's. (0782009 / 28 cm.) West Germany/ W. Germany. Scheurich.

Punch bowl (Rumtopft) and 5 cups with brown and gray nuances.

kr 565,00
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